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Co-Creating the Future: A Call to Leadership and Action

If you are one of those people who has always been a little ahead of the times… this program is for you.  If you have been given certain pieces of the picture… come join with other “tip of the arrow” people to complete a blueprint for the coming age.

 Weekend Intensive

 Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone sensing a call to a greater level of service to humanity
  • Anyone feeling restless, disquieted or dissatisfied with the current status quo
  • Anyone who is already in a leadership position in any aspect of their life and is seeking a community of like-minded support.
 Program Goals:
  • Reaffirming and deepening your core identity, personal purpose and mission.
  • Understanding and embracing your unique contribution of service to the world.
  • Clarifying and strengthening your fundamental agreement with the Universe.
 Program Format:

Each program is limited to a maximum of 25 people.  This is to facilitate in-depth sharing and participation.  Sessions are a mixture of experiential exercises, personal discovery, group interaction, lecture, and discussion.

Program Outline:
  • Setting Intentions
  • Community
  • The Nature of the Universe
  • A Walk Around the Wheel
  • The Nature of Prayer
  • Creative Transformation
  • Collaborative Vision
  • Reclaiming Personal Power
  • The Quantum Hologram
  • The Future By Design
  • Anchoring the Vision
  • Commitment to Action

For further information, contact Barbara Leuin (760) 809-6236 or email