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Abundance Is Your Birthright!

One of the major factors that determine our relationship with money is our inherited attitudes and beliefs. We form most core beliefs before the age of seven, based on the behavior and attitudes of our family, friends, school, television, movies and news media. We often carry childhood beliefs into adulthood without ever re-examining them to see if they still serve us.

Here are some new thoughts to consider.

We are on the cusp of an evolutionary shift in the consciousness of humankind. Old and outdated patterns and beliefs no longer serve us. The new model for humanity is collective conscious action. We must learn to become interdependent wealth creators.

Scientists are coming closer and closer to a unified understanding of “everything.” The underlying force field that permeates all matter and space is now being called the “Mind of God.” Learning how to communicate with this field of pure being is of utmost importance in the new Millennium. Our financial prosperity and well-being depend on our ability to conform ourselves to the Universal Laws of Abundance.

True wealth is a matter of mindset and persistence. We all have our journeys in life. However, every one of us deserves to be wealthy. What’s standing in your way?

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This video program taught by Barbara Leuin, Ph.D., a spiritually enlightened entrepreneur and “recovering economist,” is a great beginning place to support your transformation in the area of abundance and prosperity. This class will help you identify inhibiting belief systems and replace them with a mindset that attracts wealth. Practical tools for immediate use are also emphasized in this phenomenal class to expedite you on your way to your abundant birthright!

Order your copy of Abundance Is Your Birthright — Instant Download and PDF Workbook

  • Transform your Core Beliefs around Money
  • Create your Personal Financial Strategy
  • Identify Thought Patterns of Wealth and Abundance
  • Clear Blocks around Financial Well-being

It’s much deeper than visualizing what you want!

ONLY $29.00

If you would like to bring Barbara to your area to teach a class, you can email or call (760) 809-6236.

 Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

What will your legacy be?