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An Experience of Community

There is a deep history of the experience of Community, both in our own American culture, and in spiritual traditions around the world, dating back as far as 10,000 B.C.  Some of the earliest American settlements were founded as communities with shared beliefs and shared livelihood. Many people talk about Community today, but few understand its true meaning.

In the 1970’s, a contemporary movement began among those who sought a deeper experience of relating to one another.  First called “encounter groups” and later, in the 1980’s introduced to more corporate settings as “Community Making,” the Experience of connecting to one another is something that has been sought throughout the ages. Today, The Experience of Community is offered to individuals and groups seeking more connectedness with themselves and others.  The Experience of Community teaches groups how to become high performance teams, and offers individuals the opportunity to gain insights into their own barriers to effective communication.

An Experience of Community

In “An Experience of Community” you will have an opportunity to learn about yourself and how you contribute to the creation of Community in an experiential setting. This three day workshop will give you an in-depth opportunity to discover:

  • Individual insights into the way you interact in group settings.
  • How you see yourself compared to how others see you.
  • How you exercise leadership skills in group settings.
  • How you acknowledge and resolve conflict with others.
  • The characteristics of high-performance teams.
  • What barriers to communication must be overcome to have true community with others.
  • The value of interpersonal relationships in achieving collective goals.

What people are saying about “An Experience of Community.”

 This program showed me some of the barriers to communication that kept me from truly relating to my fellow workers.  — E. Barlow, Phoenix, AZ

During this program I discovered leadership skills I never knew I had, and realized that my fellow workers really do look up to me and respect my experience.  — K. Brown, Mesa, AZ

The power of community is not to be under-rated. I never realized that I could actually get along with my co-workers even though they are different from me, I discovered common ground from which I could build new relationships. After the seminar, our working team became even more effective than before.  — F. Greeley, Boulder, CO

The thing that most impressed me about “An Experience of Community” is how the program unfolded without an agenda, yet by the end of the weekend, we not only achieved our goals, we far surpassed them.  — Father R. Gunderson, Minneapolis, MN

This has been an unforgettable weekend for me in which I made all sorts of insights and discoveries about myself, and most of all discovered what holds me back from true community. — B. Barrellas, Chandler, AZ

To schedule an “Experience of Community” event for your group, please contact Barbara Leuin at (760) 809-6236 or email  Public events are not currently being scheduled.