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If you are dreaming of a future different from the life you are living now, consider New Life by Design as the next step in your personal and professional evolution.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. The purpose of each life is to grow and evolve. Our growing up experience shapes and molds the values, beliefs and attitudes that form us today. Every once in a while, each one of us has a glimpse of a greater future that might be just on the other side of our own resistance—our own self-limiting thinking. We dream. We hope. We wish. We yearn for more.

The Universe is continually expanding. As part of the Universe, the infinite and ageless part of us also has a desire to expand.  We want what we don’t yet have. When we satisfy one desire, another one arises. It is not that we are dissatisfied. Actually, it is the contrary. We are continually satisfying our desires, large and small. It’s simply that once a desire is satisfied, another one arises. We continue, to grow, learn, and achieve more. That is the nature of the human experience.

“Success” in this context is simply accomplishing the result you set out to accomplish. Success can be simple and small or the fulfillment of a life’s ambition. Whatever it is, you are the determiner of your own success. You define it. You achieve it.

Success can be the result of surprise. It can come upon you in seemingly mysterious and almost unexplainable ways. But that might be a once in a lifetime experience — like winning the lottery. What would it be like if you could experience and realize every single thing you dream about achieving? What if you could unlock the “secret code”, the magic formula that makes the realization of your dreams happen?

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What does it take to achieve success? If you are in business, or in life, you’ve undoubtedly come across goal-setting in some form. I’ve been in planning for over 40 years, first in long-range planning for an electric utility company, and then, for the last 20+ years, writing business plans for start-up ventures, and building several successful businesses. I’ve also coached and been coached, sat in lectures on business strategy and listened to other experts tell me how to achieve success. Something has bothered me about all of these presentations, and it’s this.

Most people focus on external things you want to achieve—a new home, a better job, an improved relationship. Once you put something outside of yourself, you no longer have 100% control over the outcome and are dependent on something or someone other than yourself to contribute to your success. Hence, achievement by surprise.

Here’s the new definition of planning—developing the mental, emotional, and behavioral strategies that embody the change you want to achieve. Now, it is all about you!

The same level of thinking that got you where you are today will not get you to the level you want to achieve tomorrow. Remember, the Universe is ever expanding. As you grow and your life expands, you want more. To achieve more—more money, more happiness, greater fulfillment—you have to become the person who is capable of having that experience. You have to shift your ideas about yourself, your mental/emotional state, how you present yourself to the world (your behavior) in order to become the new you.

This is NEW LIFE by Design. It is not another planning course. It is not about goal setting. It is not about holding you accountable. It is about helping you discover you and expand your repertoire of thoughts, emotions and behavioral strategies so that you can be, do and have more of whatever it is you desire. The rest is simply mechanics!

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