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Life Path

Medicine Wheel Life Path Reading

“Medicine Wheel” is the name given to large circles of stones found in many places in Europe and North America.  These circles had been used in ceremonial ways by early Native peoples, representing the whole Wheel of Life on Earth.

In the Medicine Wheel Life Path Reading, the Wheel represents the life you designed for yourself before you were born.  In it, you will discover your “Path of Power” and “Life Focus”—the main orientation of your life energies.  You will also find your natural seasons, major life cycles, inner and heart selves, and much, much more.

The “reading” consists of one 90-minute session, generally done in-person.  You will receive an 11” X 14” hand-colored chart with your “personal year” for next 12 months depicted.  You will also receive a personal numerology chart, and resource material including the “Twelve Steps Around the Wheel,” “The Medicine Wheel,” “Personal Totems” and “Basic Numerology.”  All materials are presented in a personalized designer folder.  The Medicine Wheel Chart can also be laminated or framed for permanent display.

Here’s what people are saying about the Medicine Wheel Life Path Reading:

Barbara made my chart a few years ago.  I didn’t pay too much attention to it then.  However, when I looked at it recently, I was totally impressed by how right on it was, and it gave me powerful insight into myself.  I now feel more in tune with who I really am.  – E. M, entrepreneur.

I loved my Medicine Wheel reading. One thing on my chart, my major life cycles, helped me understand why my life change so dramatically when I turned 30.  I am now at peace with myself again, and I feel totally empowered to move on in life.  – A. K., literary agent

When Barbara made my chart, it totally turned my life around.  I see how I was struggling to do things I didn’t really want to do.  Having my Medicine Wheel reading has freed me to pursue my true career path, and has put me on the road to success – B.L., organizational consultant.

The Medicine Wheel reading showed me how I relate to others most naturally.  It helped me understand some of my family dynamics and how I most naturally can get along better.  This has totally changed the way I think about who I am in relation to others.  – P.M., computer engineer.

The Medicine Wheel Life Path reading is affordably priced at $300.


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